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How to give a good interview?

How to give a good interview?
How to give a good interview?
How to give a good interview?

How to give a good interview?

Every person has to face an interview. Today I will discuss the main points of different types of interviews to be given for employment or any job. How to leave a personality impression in everyone’s mind by playing very easily.

Let’s divide the discussion into two parts: the dos and don’ts of giving an interview. How to give a good interview?

First I will tell you what to watch out for and what to do:

Choosing the right clothes:

As they say, first the visionary, then the judge of quality – the old adage applies in this case. Interview attire should be clean and tidy. Because your personality is expressed through clothes and gestures. So it is better to wear light-colored clothes rather than colored clothes. But whatever the color of the garment, white or blue, care must be taken to ensure that it does not wrinkle. Whether it is a man or a woman, the dress should have an official look.

Prepare or study:

Before interviewing any organization, you should do a good job of gathering information about that company online to get an idea of ​​the effort and personnel required to improve the company. Answers to common questions related to a proper name, the meaning of the name, title and its origin, address, name of the place, and reason for the name, etc. should be prepared. The mock interview should take place in groups at home. Practicing speaking while standing in front of a mirror is very good. Practice answering some common questions orally in Bengali and English. Removes facial stiffness. Don’t forget to bring your own water bottle and light dry food. Because sometimes there may be a delay in shifting.

How to give a good interview?

Be on time:

Time is very important. An example of your punctuality could be your attendance at the interview board on time. Start your journey with some extra time to avoid delays due to traffic jams on the roads.

Preparation of reports:

Before going for the interview, take the necessary documents as per the instructions given in the recruitment circular. There are a few things to keep in mind when transferring documents:

How to give a good interview?

How to give a good interview?

A. Organize the documents sequentially into a file. To make it convenient to get off.
b. Carrying documents in a polythene bag can make you attractive to interviewers.
C. Do not show any documents yourself, only show them later if you want.
D. Do not forget to take all documents back after the interview.
E. You must order the papers in advance. Necessary copy, signature,
and set required.
F. Even if you don’t want to, carry some common documents. For example All types of academic certificates, examples of previous work experience, CVs, and photographs.

Login procedure and greetings:

Enter the interview room or knock on the door before entering the interview room. Remember to strike even when your name is called. And of course, come in with a greeting. When entering, say good morning, good afternoon, etc. according to the time. And you can also say Namaskar directly in Bengali. Look at everyone and make normal eye contact. Don’t sit down early. Wait until you are asked to be seated. Wait about six seconds. If you are not asked to sit down, you say, “May I sit down?” means to sit with leave.

How to give a good interview?


Self-confident people raise their heads. And confidence appears in the way you speak. When answering interview questions, you need to make eye contact and answer with confidence. Even “don’t know” responses to a group of confusing questions will show confidence. That means I know it well, it’s like confidence and I don’t know it, but it conveys confidence.

Personal expression:

The word personality means highlighting individuality. Every person is different. So their own behavior, speech, and body language will necessarily be different. So don’t do any fake behavior. Just as personality is expressed through words, so also clothes, behavior, thinking, body language, etc. are very important. Just as companies want skilled workers, they also want likable people. So remember, nothing extra is good. Show your natural behavior, i.e. your natural personality.

How to give a good interview?

Keeping your smile:

In no work are people first affected by the use of the worker. Therefore, keep the smiley face on throughout the interview.

Positive conversation:

Always remember that people like a person who spreads positivity. So, no matter what kind of speech is in the conversation, there should be a positive aspect to it – you need to be careful. It also tests how optimistic the candidate is. A negative response is never desirable. Once the two asked the same question, “Suppose your work is not done, what would you do then?” “
The two gave different answers. The first person said, “What else am I going to do if I don’t have a job, I’m going to do what’s on my mind.” And the other said, “Why should I go and catch it?” I’m very optimistic about getting my job.”

From eyes to eyes:

You need to look the interviewer in the eyes when interviewing, answering various questions, or having a discussion. Eye contact is a sign of trust. And courage comes in words. Therefore, regardless of how many people are present in the room, it is necessary to make eye contact with everyone.


Get permission to sit on the chair. Don’t forget to sit. Just as you should sit in a relaxed mood, you should also sit with a straight spine. It will be good if the hands are placed on the thighs or near the lap. A file of papers can also be placed on the lap and hands placed on top of it.

Preparing for the interview


In each interview, opinions are sought on various topics. Such as politics, products, social customs, etc. In these cases, it is better to avoid politics or give it in favor of government regulations. And in other matters, you must express your opinion clearly in a few words. Don’t raise a point unnecessarily, even if you don’t want to have an opinion on it. In that case, you have to be content with just submitting the information.

How to give a good interview?

Farewell address:

It is customary to say goodbye at the moment of departure as an entrance. You usually have to leave the room by saying thank you sir or thank you, ma’am. If you’re a little more honest, saying “you’ll be fine” makes a big impression.

How to give a good interview?

Do not do this at the interview:

Before the interview,
During the interview

And right after that, things that could give a bad impression are very briefly listed.

What not to do in an interview:-

  1. Showing overconfidence.
  2. Try to dress smart.
  3. Excessive or irrelevant talking.
  4. Smoking before and after the interview.
  5. Excessive gesturing or gesturing.
  6. Speaking irrationally and negatively.
  7. Leaving the mobile phone on, we are talking about the “hold the phone” group.
  8. Arriving late or saying “excuse me, sir, I’m a little late for the group.
  9. Hesitating answers or using foul language.
  10. Try lying.
  11. Criticism of previous employment or organization.
  12. Ask in advance about working hours, leaving, returning home, etc.


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