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Life is incomplete without a Smartphone

Life is incomplete without a Smartphone
Life is incomplete without a Smartphone
Life is incomplete without a Smartphone

Life is incomplete without a Smartphone

There are four types of essays in the upper secondary education exam syllabus. One of them is argumentative writing. In this case, a socially relevant entity is selected. Some arguments are given in favor of this. The key is to create an opposing view of the claim by refuting that argument’s work. Life is incomplete without a smartphone


In the modern dynamic era, the mobile phone is an essential element for people at every moment – it can be called a shadow companion. Mobile phones are necessary to communicate with each other or to fulfill any special needs at every moment of life. In today’s busy modern life, the value of time cannot be without a mobile phone. Not only through communication – mobile phones connect to the Internet and bring various information to your fingertips.

Life is incomplete without a smartphone


Just as there is darkness beneath the light, so along with the advantages of cell phones, there are also disadvantages. Contemporary human life is obsessed with the illusion of consumerism. People have lost consciousness to reach the peak of consumer life. While it takes the good quality of the mobile phone, it also takes the bad.
Enter the death trap. Just as civilizations disappear when weapons of self-defense become tools, so too. Instead of being dynamic and enlightened, human society is full of darkness due to the misuse of cell phones. Mobile is spreading like a contagious disease in society.

Life is incomplete without a Smartphone

Life is incomplete without a smartphone

They are trapped by SMS. The mobile phone is their companion when reading, relaxing on the street, from waking up to falling asleep. A case of suicide is also seen in the diary. Immature minds get entangled in various advertising traps without realizing it. Infatuation with goods and lust warps their teenage mind. Mobile is quietly becoming the killer of the future.

Excessive use of mobile devices harms people’s health. Electromagnetic rays emitted from mobile phones are very harmful to the human body. According to a report published by the WHO in 2011, mobile phone is the cause of ear, stomach, and brain cancer.
Countries such as France have banned the use of mobile phones by minors. Again, e-waste, which increases in society due to the repeated replacement of mobile devices, is a social disease. Mobile waves are alarm signals for organisms in the environment. These invisible waves hit the brains of small birds and insects and killed them. Mobile noise and wave intensity, mobile towers, etc. are destroying the balance of nature. Using greed to get cell phones in meetings,

Life is incomplete without a smartphone

Branded mobiles flooded the market. Which is crippling the country’s economy by avoiding the country’s sellers through total smuggling.

The mobile phone is now the main tool of modern civilization to organize the increasing crime in society, sometimes an explosive bomb, sometimes a ransom tool,

sometimes a blackmail to provoke public life. According to information published in the newspaper, some people have more than 100 SIM cards.

Life is incomplete without a smartphone

Two to three SIM cards are easily available for almost all mobile users. Just as switching SIM cards prevents criminals from being identified, people are forgetting a crucial element of connectivity in everyday mobile use. The trend of mere entertainment is leading civilization down twisted, ugly, and destructive paths.


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